Don't get caught with confusing copy, waffley words, or limp letters.  Let me help you create perfectly crafted words specifically for you - no matter the genre.  If you need it written, I can write it.


I can also assist with providing you with supporting images, either by taking my own photographs, or by accessing an online photo library.


And, after 12 years in my line of work, I also can point you in the right direction of great graphic designers, website designers, and printing companies.



Media articles are gold for businesses. But writing a media release or feature story isn't always easy. My decade long experience in the Public Relations Industry has provided me with a unique understanding of both the business and media requirements of articles for publications.


From writing the article to distributing to the media, I can help get your business noticed.

A website can make or break your business.  The key is both great design and clever, consice and informative content.


Web content forms the basis of your site's search engine optimisation (SEO).  However, blogs drive even better SEO results, and the key is providing your readers with meaningful and interesting blogs that gives them something for nothing.  Blogs are all about building relationships with your current and future customers.

Print, including speechwriting
Editing and proof reading

I was privileged to work with former Prime Minister, John Howard's chief speechwriter and we got talking about great speeches and how to write powerful prose for sensational speeches.  His trick - a glass of red wine and the late evening hours helped him compose some of Howard's greatest speeches.


While I won't always be having a glass of red while putting together your speech, newsletter or flyer, I will be getting in the creative zone with some online research, chatting with you about the key messages you need to get across, and brainstorming some ideas, before putting pen to paper - well, fingers to keyboard.


I can also assist with writing government grant or funding submissions, award submissions, proposals, and marketing and public relations plans.



There is nothing worse, then reading a great story, website or newsletter if there are mistakes everywhere!  And, no matter how good at English you are, you ALWAYS need someone to look over your work.


So, from complete editing where I will look critically at your piece of writing, to a simple proof-read to make sure all the i's are dotted and t's crossed, I can help make your written work 100 percent professional.